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                             BRISTOL'S JOURNEY


                  A collective, long-term commitment to creating sustainable communities

       European Green Capital            Bristol’s aspiration to be a European    The creation of the European Green Capital
       is an annual Award that’s         Green Capital was first set out in 2003    Award was the third critical ingredient
                                         in the Bristol Community Strategy: “
                                                                            of success. This enabled us to compare
       run by the European               Bristol; a green capital in Europe – creating   performance against other European cities,
       Commission. It exists             sustainable communities and improving   identifying our strengths and weaknesses
       to promote and reward             the quality of life”. The Local Strategic   and helping us to focus our learning and
                                                                            improvement. The Award also gave us a
                                         Partnership was a statutory partnership,
       the efforts of cities to          comprising public, private, business,   short-term focus, not a goal, but a clear
       improve the environment,          voluntary and community organisations.   focus which many stakeholders could
       and recognises that               A collective approach to Bristol’s   relate to much better than the long-term
                                                                            goal of creating a sustainable city. It is
       sustainable, low-carbon           environment has been one of the key   crucial that we remember that winning
       living is vital to our            strengths and contributors to Bristol’s   the award was never Bristol’s goal, it was
       shared future.                    success. The creation of the Bristol Green   an enabler, a convenor and a catalyst for
                                         Capital Partnership, as part of the wider
                                                                            change in our city. Change that would
                                         Bristol Partnership, was an important step   realise that original aspiration of creating
       The European Green Capital        in translating that aspiration into reality.   sustainable communities and improving
       Award has been running since      It brought together some of the key   the quality of life.
       2010, and the first winner was    organisations already working to make
       Stockholm, followed by Hamburg,   Bristol a greener city. The growth of this   So Bristol was able to bring together its
       Vitoria-Gasteiz, Nantes and       partnership into the largest of its kind in the   strong environmental performance as a
       Copenhagen. Bristol was the       world shows us both the commitment of   city and the collective energy of hundreds
       first UK city to win the award,   Bristol and also the success of this initiative.  of organisations and thousands of people
       and Ljubljana is European Green                                      to win the award. Winning the award was
       Capital for 2016.                 Bristol is the UK’s most sustainable city,    recognition for the hard work of many
                                         and over the past decade we have become   people and organisations across the city
       There is more information about the   a greener city, right across the board.    and the year has partly been a celebration
       award on the European Commission   This hard work from many organisations   of that – but a celebration with a purpose.
       website:  and people across the city is the bedrock
       europeangreencapital/             of our green capital initiative. Improving   We had great commitment to this
                                         Bristolians’ quality of life and reducing   celebration from around the city but
                                         Bristol’s environmental footprint have    making the most of the opportunity also
                                         been strategic priorities which have    needed time and money, both of which
                                         been implemented by successive     were limited!
                                         political leaders. The illustration on the
                                         opposite page brings to life just some of
                                         these achievements.

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