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                                            SETTING A

                                    CLEAR AGENDA

                                          Identifying a winning approach

       Our strategy, which was developed   To be able to achieve these three    We have been fortunate to be able to learn
       through many discussions around   objectives we also set a fourth    from previous European Green Capitals.
       the city, was to add to our partnership   objective: secure significant additional   And so the second major theme of our year
       arrangements with a new temporary   resources for the programme from UK   was to share Bristol with the wider world,
       organisation which could bring together   Government, businesses and national    sharing the experience we have in creating
       the expertise of key organisations in the   and local organisations.   one of the greenest cities in Europe and
       city, attract significant additional funding                         sharing the opportunities that Bristol has
       from UK Government and the private   This combination of objectives is similar   for future investment and collaboration.
       sector and move rapidly to plan and   to other European Green Capitals, but we   During our year as European Green Capital
       deliver a programme. An independent   have sought to provide a particularly strong   we set out to not only achieve the core aim
       company, Bristol 2015 Ltd, was the   focus on involving and empowering people   of the award, to exchange sustainability
       vehicle that was created.         and organisations in Bristol so that they can   learning between European cities, but we
                                         help to create sustainable communities.   have also raised the voice of cities as part of
       Through further discussions with a wide                              discussions at COP21.
       range of stakeholders from across the   Winning the award gave us an opportunity
       city, we developed three key objectives   to connect with everyone in Bristol, not just   It is often been said that Bristol is a
       for the Bristol 2015 programme:   those who were already signed up to green   well-kept secret. 2015 was the year we
                                         living. We wanted to connect with citizens   decided to let that secret out of the bag,
       LOCAL EMPOWERMENT                 in every community, with the business   and to promote Bristol on a global stage.
                                         community and with public and community
       Empower existing initiatives, networks   sector organisations. And we wanted to do
       and communities to help change    this with a smile on our face, injecting
       attitudes and behaviours.         a sense of fun into sustainable issues.

       Exchange sustainability expertise between
       cities and contribute to COP21.
       INTERNATIONAL PROFILE             “The award of European Green
                                         Capital 2015 goes to the city with
       Build a global profile to support   the sense of fun.”
       appropriate exports, inward investment,
       tourism and economic growth.      Janez Potoĉnik, 2010 – 14 European
                                         Commissioner for Environment
       These objectives were underpinned by
       five themes: nature, transport, energy,
       resources and food.

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