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Bristol’s much more than a city.
                                                                                  It’s a diverse community with
                                                                                  a pioneering spirit where great
                                                                                  things are happening.

                                                                                  What you will find in the pages that follow is
                                                                                  the story of our journey to turn a collective
                                                                                  vision – to become a global leader in
                                                                                  sustainable urban living – into reality. It’s a
                                                                                  journey that officially began in 2003 – but,
                                                                                  of course, it actually started long before.

                                                                                  As a city we were able to build on 40 years
                                                                                  of pioneering environmental efforts, led by
                                                                                  committed and energetic forward-thinking
                                                                                  individuals and organisations that we are
                                                                                  proud have made Bristol their home.

                                                                                  We became the UK's first European Green
                                                                                  Capital because of all the little things, and
                                                                                  the really big things, we do to make Bristol
                                                                                  a healthier, happier place to live and work
                                                                                  in. The judges observed that Bristol is a
                                                                                  great example of what cities can be now,
                                                                                  and in the future. It’s a place where people
                                                                                  care enough to make things better.

                                                                                  We knew that during 2015 our ideas
                                                                                  and achievements would be in the
                                                                                  world’s spotlight. We wanted to use this
                                                                                  opportunity to demonstrate what’s
                                                                                  possible when people come together
                                                                                  to make a city a better place – because
                                                                                  we’re all in it together.

                                                                                  We took this strong Bristol message – from
                                                                                  our young people, our business leaders and
                                                                                  our fellow European city leaders – to the
                                                                                  UN Climate Change Conference (COP21),
                                                                                  held in Paris in December 2015.

                                                                                  Co-hosting the Cities and Regions Pavilion
                                                                                  alongside the city of Paris, gave cities a
                                                                                  real voice and showcased the vital role
                                                                                  they play in tackling climate change at a
                                                                                  local level.

                                                                                  The commitment made by nearly 200
                                                                                  nations to reduce their greenhouse gas
                                                                                  emissions as a result of COP21 is a step
                                                                                  in the right direction, as is Bristol’s own
                                                                                  cross-party political commitment to
                                                                                  become a carbon neutral city by 2050.

                                                                                  For Bristol, and cities that we seek to inspire
                                                                                  – the journey doesn’t stop here.

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