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George Ferguson CBE                          Liz Zeidler
                   Mayor of Bristol                             Elected Chair of Bristol Green
                                                                Capital Partnership 2014 – 15
                   I am immensely proud that the achievements   After two years as Chair of Bristol Green Capital
                   of so many Bristol people and organisations   Partnership (BGCP), I want to say thank you to all
                   were recognised by the European Commission   of the Partnership’s members. Our diverse and
                   through the award of European Green Capital   active membership helped us win the award, and
                   2015. This special year presented great      your value to Bristol is immeasurable.
                   opportunities for us as a city and the results
                   were outstanding.                            Our year as European Green Capital has helped
                                                                increase the size, scope and ambition of
                   I was determined we involve many more people,   BGCP. We have grown from a loose network
                   including our children, in helping to make Bristol   of passionate organisations and individuals,
                   a happier, healthier city for all. A huge thanks   to become the largest cross-sector green city
                   to the thousands of people and organisations   partnership in the world. That reach is starting to
                   who have taken part, boosting existing projects,   reap rewards for organisations across the city, in
                   starting new initiatives and contributing great   terms of greater collaboration, greater collective
                   ideas for the future.                        resources and greater strategic influence to make
                                                                the scale of changes that we all know lie ahead
                   It also gave us an opportunity to put Bristol on   on the long road to sustainability.
                   the map internationally, creating the conditions
                   for future investment in the city. We achieved that   The BGCP is here to help lead that journey.
                   spectacularly and must now work to secure that   During 2015, we developed a strong and
                   investment for Bristol and the city region.  sustainable model for our ongoing work, which
                                                                can combine thought leadership with grassroots
                   The award also presented challenges and Bristol   action, leverage and influence with practical
                   has risen to the challenge, coming together,   support. We are looking forward to supporting
                   sharing ideas, resources and expertise in an   many of the changes we all want to see in the
                   unprecedented way. This collaboration gives us    city and the world.
                   a strength and resilience which we will benefit
                   from for years to come.                      Our new approach will allow all our members
                                                                to work more collaboratively and strategically,
                   We started our year as the UK’s greenest city.   and to enable resources to be brought to the city
                   We’ve finished the year internationally recognised   for bold projects to be delivered in partnership.
                   as one of the greenest cities in Europe and with   And I, for one, am very excited.
                   clear political consensus to become a resilient,
                   carbon neutral city. Perhaps most importantly
                   we’ve done all of this with a sense of fun and,
                   I believe, developed a growing sense of optimism
                   for the future.

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